2019 will be coming  as we get closer to the competition, but here were the WODs for 2018.

WOD 1:  "Play Ball!"

10 RFT

5 Box Jump Overs and 5 Cleans

Rx:  155/105 Cleans | 30/24 Box

Sc/Masters:  135/75 Cleans | 24/20 Box

Partners may divide the work however they want as long as only one partner is working at a time.  You many jump over, step up or jump on and over the box, but your hands may not touch the box.  The cleans must come from the ground and you can squat or power clean.

WOD 2:  "Homerun Derby"

Partners will start at homeplate and move around the bases together.  At each base, they will do 2 minutes of work and then have 30 seconds to run to the next base.

Homeplate: KB Swings Rx: 70/53 | Sc/Masters:  53/35

1st Base:  Double Unders (Sc/Masters - single unders)

2nd Base:  Alternating Dumbbell Snatches Rx:  55/35 | Sc/Masters:  35/20

3rd Base:  Thrusters Rx:  115/75 | Sc/Masters:  95/55

While one partner is working, the other partner will be doing a dumbbell static hold and will carry the dumbbell to each base.


WOD 3:  "Curve Ball"

Each team will start on their platform. 

Partner A will complete 30 Deadlifts (Rx: 205/145 | Sc/Masters:  155/105) while Partner B sprints out and back.

Once Partner A completes the deadlifts and Partner B is back, Partner B will complete 20 Shoulder to Overheads (Rx:  135/85 | Sc/Masters:  95/55) while Partner A handstand walks (Sc/Masters:  bear crawls) out and back.

Once complete, Rx teams will buddy carry out and back.  Sc/Masters will complete a team sandbag carry (60/40). 

Each "out and back" is counted as 2 reps: 1 rep for going out, 1 rep for coming back.  Score will be time completed or total reps.



Trying to figure out whether you should compete in the Rx or Scaled/ Master's divisions?  Here's some basic movement standards to help you decide.  This is not a guarantee that you will see these movements or that you won't see other movements.  The barbell weights are all stated as weight the athlete is capable of moving for 10 reps. 

Rx Division (Major League)

  • Deadlift:  200 / 150
  • Clean & Jerk: 155 / 115
  • Double Unders
  • Wall Balls:  20 / 16
  • Front Squat:  185 / 125
  • Shoulder to Overhead:  135 / 95
  • Handstand Push-Ups

Scaled Division (Minor League) / Master's Division 35+ (Slow-Pitch Softball)

  • Deadlift:  135 / 95
  • Clean & Jerk:  95 / 65
  • Single Jump Rope
  • Wall Balls:  16 / 10
  • Front Squat:  115 / 65
  • Shoulder to Overhead: 95 / 65